The Mormugao Port Authority complies with the “Right to Information Act, 2005”. Being an ISO 9001-2015 compliant port, its records are catalogued and indexed as per ISO procedures detailed in the ISO Departmental Manuals.

The Mormugao Port Authority is committed to ensuring greater transparency in its functioning as required under this Act. The information, which requires to be published under the Right to Information Act, 2005 is being published on our Website. This publication shall be updated annually in the month of October. Certain information such as remuneration of employees and information on Plan and Non-Plan Schemes will be updated on a more regular basis.

The Website contains information such as list of Principal Officers, names and contact details of Trustees of the Board, port data, a history of landmark events, circulars/notices issued by the port, tenders etc. Additionally, information that needs to be published under “Right to Information Act 2005” is also posted on the Website. Further, to obtain any information which may not be available on the Website, enquiry may be made/sent to the concerned Public Information Officer. Please refer to “List of Public Information Officers” on the Website for the names, designations, contact details and subject matter handled by each of them.

A person, who desires to obtain any information under this Act, shall make a request in writing or through electronic means in English, Hindi or Konkani, accompanying such fees as may be prescribed, to the concerned Public Information Officer (please refer list of Public Information Officers), specifying the particulars of information sought by him or her. Provided that where such requests cannot be made in writing, the Public Information Officer concerned, as the case may be, shall render all reasonable assistance to the person making the request orally to reduce the same in writing.

Organisational Chart and Authorities and Responsibilities

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Dept.

Traffic Manager

Traffic Dept.

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Dept.

Chief Vigilance Officer

Vigilance Dept.


General Administration Dept.

Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer

Finance Dept.

Deputy Conservator

Marine Dept.

Chief Engineer

Civil Dept.

There are following documents under the control of Mormugao Port Authority:

Citizen’s Charter.
  1. License Agreement with South West Port Limited in connection with construction and operation of Berth No.5A & 6A on BOT basis.
  2. Agreement with Western India Shipyard Ltd. in connection with the area leased to them from erstwhile berth No.1 to 4 for setting up a
    dry dock.
  3. All agreements in connection with the areas leased to various Port Users.
  4. Agreement for permitting the Transhipper owners to operate the transhippers in the Port area.
Details of 1st Board of Mormugao Port Authority
Details of appointment of Estate Officer under PP Act.
Information of Plan-Non Plan Schemes
Progress Report of Plan and Non-Plan Works (Civil)

Details of Appellate Authority

Dy. Chairman
Mormugao Port Authority,
Administrative Building
Headland Sada Goa 403 804

Details of Transparency Officer

Dy. Chairman
Mormugao Port Authority,
Administrative Building
Headland Sada Goa 403 804

Details of CPIO & CAPIO
Details of Quarterly Return
GOI Resolution on the Public Interest Disclosure & Protection on Informers(PIDPI) - Guidelines thereon
Bank details for payment of RTI fees and additional payment

Name: MPT General A/c
Branch: State Bank of India, Mormugao Harbour
Account No. 10438017048
IFS Code: SBIN0002164

The working Hours of library are from 9.00 hrs to 4.50 hrs