Complaints can be lodged with Vigilance Office of the Port Trust by a person/employee/vendor/contractor who has/had dealings with MPT and can be against officials belonging to MPT only. Full name and complete postal address and contact phone number of the complainant must be given.

  • Complaints which are anonymous/ pseudonymous will not be acknowledged/ registered in Vigilance Office.
  • Complaints must be brief and contain verifiable facts and factual details. It should not be vague or contain sweeping general statements/absurd allegations, in which case, complaints are liable to be just filed.
  • Complaints should be addressed to the CVO or else to the Chairman, MPT if so desired. Complaints having vigilance angle which are received by any other officer in MPT are required to be forwarded to the CVO within 4-5 days of receipt.
  • Vigilance complaints which contain allegations of forgery, corruption, bribery, cheating, falsification of records, possession of assets disproportionate to known sources of income etc. and where investigation requires examination of private individuals/external Government officials etc. may be referred to competent agencies as per Vigilance Manual.
  • Since MPT has implemented the Integrity Pact, complaints from vendors/contractors pertaining to their transactions with MPT, at or above the threshold value (presently Rs. 55 lakhs) may be referred to the Independent External Monitor concerned as per the operating procedure of Integrity Pact.


Complaints received through E-mail which are down loaded and printed and taken up for further action as above. Complaints received through E-mail which do not have the name or complete postal address are treated as pseudonymous and are dealt with as per the guidelines of complaint handling process.