Mechanical Engineering Department

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1MM/NS/CME/123 Digital Signature Certificates
(Type Class – III, Encryption and Signing) to be used for

( Item one only )
2MM/NS/CISF/0117Supply of items as follows.
1. Day Vision Binoculars – 10 nos.
2. Passive Night Vision Binoculars – 6 nos.

NOTE: QRs/Specification for Day Vision Binocular and Passive Night Vision Binoculars are scanned and attached herewith.
Kindly furnish your detailed offer with accessories as per the QRs/Specifications
QRs/Specification for Day Vision Binocular and Passive Night Vision Binoculars13.07.2016
3MM/NS/GAD/0104Supply & Installation of Digital Copier machine with Printer (Size A-3), duplex category with Color Scanner & with Network card with 03 years Non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract after expiry of normal warranty period as per Annexure ‘A’ in Enquiry – 1 no.01.07.2016
4MM/NS/CE/0110Supply of loose fittings and fastenings for maintenance of tracks in Port’s railway B.G. Sidings as follows.
1. Fish bolts with nuts for 60 kg. fish plate as RDSO Drg. No. T-1899 (size = 25mm dia x 140mm) – 500 nos.
2. Grooved rubber pads for 52 kg. rail as per RDSO Drg. No. T-3703 – 2000 nos.

The material should conform to I.R. standards.
5MM/08/0105Supply of Choke, for 400W, 250V, HPSV lamp, equivalent to type ZH-30400 – 75 nos.

Brand: Compton Greaves / Philips / GE / Wipro / Bajaj
6MM/GB/0093Supply of the following gumboots:-
a. Single piece compression moulded industrial PVC gumboots, Half Size i.e. 10” height , strong , Sturdy, soft and light, resistant to oils, acids, alkalis, electric shock proof, anti –skid, wear resistant sole with good surface grip, without steel toetotally leak –proof with canvas lining from inside as per IS:12254/1993, in black colour with black sole.
b. ---do---, but Full size i.e 14” height

Brands: Tarzan, Sico (Tough), Mangla (Goldyear)
7MM/NS/CME/0064NS. 1 (a) 2.0 TR split 3 star AC units of make Daikin, Voltas, Blue star inclusive of standard length of accessories & inclusive of installation & warranty of 5 years on compressor & atleast 1 year on the complete unit. Accessories should include stabilizer, metal clad C25 Amps MCB box with plugsocket – 2 nos.

NS. 1 (b) Supply & installation of AC outdoor stand – 2 nos.

NS. 2 Additional work towards commissioning of AC units such as extra piping, drain pipe, modification etc. @ 3% will be operated only if necessary.
8MM/NS/CME/0060Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning of 5 KVA Offline Inverter with 4 hours backup and with 8 nos. of batteries, 12V, 180 AH at our Port Institute, Vasco – 1 No.

Brand of Inverter: Sukam/Microtek

Brand of Batteries: Exide/Amaron
9MM/13/0035Supply of old reusable, untorned tyres
suitable for fendering, of truck size 9.00 x
20 / 10.00-20 – 80 nos.
10MM/08/0023Supply of Battery, 12V, 7 plates, type EP
42 AH, sealed and maintenance free, in
PP container for VTMS/UPS application
– 16 nos.
Brand: Exide / Amaron
11MM/08/0015Supply of Automotive Battery, 12V, 25 plates, 180 AH, fully charged, maintenance free, as per IS-7372/1974, in PP container – 10 nos.

Brand: Exide (MHD 1800) /
Amaron ( HC 180D04R)
12MM/NS/DC/0002Tender for “Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of OSR Equipments, hands on training to MPT employees and Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for a period of one year after completion of Guarantee Period’, under two cover system, as per the ‘Bill of Materials’ in the Tender.12.05.2016
13MM/NS/CE/0016Supply of ‘ Shaliurathane SH’ compound of STP make to be used for repairs of quarters – 400 Kgs.29.04.2016
14MM/NS/DC/0017Supply of used Aircraft tyres, untorned approx. size 120cm dia x 40cm width or of size 1270 x 455 R 22 for use as fenders for tugs – 20 nos.11.05.2016
15MM/NS/CE/0001A. Supply of Switch Assembly for 1 in 8.5
Turnout of 52Kg Rail confirming to
RDSO Drg No. T – 4865 with steel
fittings (ie. Bearing Plates , Slide
Chairs , etc) for Port’s Railway B.G.
siding as follows:-
a. RH turnout- consisting of LH
side (switch) – 1 no. and RH
side (switch) – 1 no. – 2 nos.
b. LH Turnout consisting of RH
side (switch) – 1 no. and LH
side(switch) – 1 no. – 2 nos.
B. Supply of 52kgs Rails Second class,
flat bottom, T-12 (Industrial Use) as
per latest Indian Railways (IR)
standards, Rail height – 150mm,
Flange width – 145mm,head-60mm,
confirming to RDSO approved drawings
specification and confirming to 880
grade in lengths of 11 to 13 mtrs for
use on Railway siding – 6.76 MT.
16MM/NS/38/0008Supply of Power Meters – 4 nos.
Make: Schneider
Model: PM5100.
Supply of the following items:-

a. Bridal Chains – 18 nos.
b. Mooring Chain – 18 nos.
c. ‘D’ Shackle: - 40 nos.
d. Triangular plate – 9 nos.
e. Swivel – 9 nos.
f. Sinker – 9 nos.
g. ‘D’ Shackle – 40 nos.

Note: Details as per ANNEXURE-A of the tender.
17MM/NS/DC/0609Supply of the following items:-

a. ‘S’ type steel cushioned chairs with arms as per drawing attached. (V-31) – 30 nos.
Colour of Cushion: Blue

b. Plastic chairs without arms – 24 nos.
Brand: Nilkamal/Cello/ National/ VIP/ Modern
18MM/NS/DC/0602Supply, installation, commissioning of OSR equipments, hands on training to MPT employees and comprehensive AMC for 2 years after warranty period. The Bill of Quantities (BoQ’s) and the specifications are as enclosed in the enquiry.28.03.2016
19MM/09/0587Supply of lubricants:- the
following types of
a. Oil, Servo Gear HP 90 / HP Gear Oil EP 90 or equivalent in 210 ltrs. drum – 210 litres.
Make: Indian Oil Corporation Ltd / Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
/ Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. / Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd.
b. Servo Pride 40 / Hylube milcy 40 / Mak Gold -40 / Balmerol PRD – 40 or equivalent in barrels of 210 ltrs. – 420 litres.
Make: Indian Oil Corporation
Ltd./Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
Ltd.,/ Bharat Petroleum Corporation
Ltd./ Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd..
20MM/SS(E)/0589Supply of the following types of
electrical insulated safety shoes as per Annexure A attached:-
1. Electrical L/A Safety Shoes (Derby
type) IS: 15298:Pt-2:2011 marked – 90
2. Electrical H/A Safety Shoes (Ankle
boot type) IS: 15298:Pt:2:2011 marked –
65 pairs.
21MM/NS/DC/0578Supply of Mooring Accessories for steel lighted buoys as per Annexure – A of tender– 9 nos.29.03.2016
22MM/NS/GAD/0555Supply & Installation of Digital
Copier Machine with Printer (Size
A-3), Duplex category with Scanner& Network card with 03 years Annual Maintenance
Contract (AMC) after expiry of normal warranty period as per Annexure ‘A’ – 1 no.
23MM/NS/MD/0545 a. Supply, installation &
commissioning of C-Arm Imaging
Device Machine – 1 set. (See
MM/NS/MD/0546 17.03.2016
b. Non Comprehensive AMC for 3 years after expiry of Guarantee/
Warrantee period. (As per 13 of
Annexure - A)
24MM/NS/MD/0546 Supply, installation & commissioning of Hydraulic Radiolucent Fracture Table with Orthopaedic Attachment
for Intertrochateric Fracture Fixation compatible with C-Arm Imaging Machine – 1 set. (See Annexure-A)
25MM/12/599The Materials Manager, Mormugao Port Trust, Baina, Vasco-da-gama, invites quotations
from the following tenderers in the tender form hereunder superscribed as quotation
No. MM/12/599 due on 20/04/2016 at 15.00 hrs for the supply of materials detailed below:
subject to terms and conditions therein.
1) Pinto Hardware & Gen. Stores, Vasco
2) Govind Poy & Sons, Margao
3) President Valves & Tubes (India), Mumbai
4) Fairdeal Tubes Corporation, Mumbai
5) Antriskh Trading Corporation, Mumbai
6) Prime Industrial Valves Mfg. Co., Gujrat
7) M. Raj Traders, Ponda
8) Balve & Company, Usgao
9) Jalsan Trading Co., Vasco
10) Bashir A.I. Khan, Vasco
11) Saif & Company, Vasco
12) Stellar Trading Co., M’bai
13) Kaycee Industries, Mumbai
14) Ellora Enterprises, Vasco
15) R.K. Enterprises, Vasco
26MM/NS/DC/0010Supply of Mooring accessories for steel lighted buoys.11.04.2016